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This page is specifically for PMI chapter VPs and Directors of event planning and chapter education. These speeches focus on project management, program management, portfolio management, PMOs, and team performance. 

Featured Speech

The 7 Behaviors of High-Performance Project Teams

In this speech, Michael presents the seven key success parameters that drive organizations to a new level of performance. Based on decades of research and founded on such greats as Mazlow, McGregor, Flamholtz and Randle, Covey, and many more, Michael demonstrates how your organization’s culture can offer you a strategic advantage in any marketplace. Whether your goals are profit-driven, saving companion animals, or government agency, your organization’s culture drives your success or failure.

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Your Goals

Each PMI chapter shares three goals in common:

  1. Build Membership
  2. Generate Revenue
  3. Educate Membership

My focus is always to ensure my participation in your event helps you along your journey. All my speeches are both engaging and enlightening. I bring new perspectives to each speech and in each topic. I will work with you to ensure my participation is smooth and will tailor any speech to meet the specific needs of your chapter.

My Focus

  1. Engage your audience - they feel involved
  2. Offer new insights - they see new opportunities for performance and new solutions to old problems
  3. Present tools they can use immediately - they leave with actionable tools to make their projects better

PMI Chapter Speeches

Portfolio & Program Management

Program Management Office

High-Performance Project Teams


Add-on Workshops and Seminars

Chapter leaders are always looking for new opportunites to increase and educate membership. To help you achieve your goals, we can offer follow-up workshops and seminars around each speech. Each workshop/seminar increases both attendees' knowledge and skills in the subject and generates additional revenue for your chapter.


  • Range from 1/2 day to 5 days in length
  • I will work on a revenue-sharing basis
  • I will assist with marketing and promotion
  • Timing the workshop/seminar around the speech saves expenses

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