Join me on Jan 10th, 2018 as I present:

The Infinite Resource Pool - Don't Let an Opportunity Escape! 

Every organization strives to get the most out of their resources. We’re all 110% busy executing strategic projects, doing our normal job, handling emergencies… the list goes on. Then, a new opportunity appears. Do we strip already-stretched resources from strategic projects, ignore emergencies, or let the opportunity escape? Or, do we strive to do everything, spreading our resources so thin that we achieve nothing?

Fortunately, there’s s third answer. In this presentation, Mr. Bender offers advanced resource management techniques that any project-savvy organizations can use to adjust their resources, almost at a moment’s notice, to capture the opportunity while continuing your strategic initiatives. You’ll learn how to use common project management practices to set the stage for virtually unlimited expansion. Learn how to evaluate new opportunities to determine their value compared to the existing portfolio. Learn how to capitalize on new ideas regardless of how busy your resources may be.

Date:    Jan 10, 2021
Time:   5:30 pm
Place:  Holiday Inn Countryside
6201 W Joliet Rd.
Countryside, IL 60525


I look forward to seeing you there!