Strategic planning may be one of the most crucial yet difficult activities for any senior-level manager. Highly-dynamic marketplaces, ever-changing environments, shifting regulations, and the global economy combine to confound even the most sophisticated strategic planners.

Based on his two books, “A Manager’s Guide to Project Management”, and “The 7 Keys to Organizational Productivity”, Michael brings his expertise in strategic planning and portfolio management to present the missing link to designing and successfully implementing your organization’s strategic plan. You’ll learn how to establish durable strategic goals and meet them in this ever-changing marketplace. You’ll discover the tools you need to establish and align the right resources to meet strategic objectives while capturing innovative opportunities.

Whether you’re a strategic planner or implementer, this speech will fill in the gaps that have plagued organizational strategists for decades.

Target Audience

This speech is designed for senior-level management, including CEOs, Presidents, Vice-Presidents and Directors responsible for developing and implementing the organization’s strategy. Whether you run a for-profit, not-for-profit, or government agency, this speech will strengthen your ability to both design and deliver on your strategic plans.

Key Take-Aways

  • The missing link to strategic action
  • Allocate and align resources to meet strategic goals
  • Capture undiscovered and innovative opportunities without disrupting your strategic objectives


Passionate, energetic, and enlightening, Michael motivates his audiences with his dynamic and humorous style. The speech is presented in a live format with accompanying PowerPoint® slides.

Duration:       1 hour (including 10 minute Q&A)

Marketing Pitch

If you’re frustrated with your ever-changing strategic plans, you’re not alone. Resources are pulled in multiple directions, dynamic marketplaces constantly redirect strategies, opportunities disrupt strategic projects, and the high-complexity of strategic initiatives combine to thwart even the most thorough strategic plans.

In this speech, you’ll discover the missing link! Strategic goals are nothing if not implemented. Michael B Bender, a world-renowned expert in organizational performance, process, and culture brings his vast expertise to demonstrate how to align resources, capture new opportunities, and develop stable and profitable strategic plans. Whether you’re a strategic planner or implementer, this speech is a must for senior management of all organizations.