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A solid, focused, and well-designed project management office or program management office (PMO) can drive your organization’s projects and strategic plan to the next level. It doesn’t happen overnight and it doesn’t happen by magic. Understanding the true power of the PMO tightens project execution, improves project quality, and develops efficient project teams.

In this speech, we’ll explore the true purpose of the PMO. You’ll discover how to initiate, build, and gain senior management buy-in for your PMO. We’ll examine new perspectives with project execution designed to enhance consistency while allowing each project manager to apply their own style. Your results will be a motivated project resource pool, engaged project managers, and faster project execution.

The powerful PMO does not just improve projects – it’s a strategic advantage!

Target Audience

The target audience for this speech include senior and mid-level management, PMO managers and teams, portfolio managers, and project managers.

Key Take-Aways

Your audience will obtain:

  • Initiate and obtain senior management buy-in on your PMO
  • Key tools for constructing and successfully implementing your PMO
  • Key elements you’ll need to help your PMO succeed


This presentation is offered as an interactive and engaging speech with PowerPoint slides. Handouts are available upon request. Approximate length: 60 minutes including question and answer period.

Marketing Pitch

Project management offices are not new. Their concept began not from senior management, but from grass roots. Project managers frustrated with ever-changing requirements and resources began banding together to help each other solve common problems. The concept has now sprung into a formalized structure designed to improve project efficiency, shorten project execution, and easy resource management. The result: projects get done faster and with higher quality to the delight of senior management.

Based on his two books, A Manager’s Guide to Project Management, and 7 Keys to High-Performance Organizations, Mr. Bender provides a structured approach to creating and successfully developing s powerful PMO that helps your organization deliver projects faster and with higher quality.

In this presentation, you’ll discover how to design and build a powerful PMO. You’ll learn how to develop senior management buy-in and support, and the key elements you’ll need to make your PMO a success!