Culture’s Competitive Edge: The Keys to Sustained Organizational Growth

Ally Publishing Group, Sugar Grove, IL, 2017

(Coauthored with Kimi Hirotsu Ziemski, MBA, PMP, CSM)

Projects are the tools that create products, improve efficiency, and deliver strategic objectives. Beyond the methodologies, at the heart of productivity lie seven Key Success Parameters that can transform your organization into higher performance.

In this ever-changing highly-competitive, and global marketplace, organizations can no longer survive with business-as-usual. See how these Key Success Parameters can help you transform your organization to meet the needs in this challenging economy.


 Project Scheduling – Simplified!


Ally Publishing Group, Sugar Grove, IL, 2016

Project scheduling is a critical tool to manage the task interdependencies throughout the project. It guides the project manager in resource acquisition and allocation, handling emergencies and risks, and can build a strong and effective team.

This book presents tools and techniques for accurately estimating work, sequencing work, establishing which tasks are time-critical, allocating resources across your project and even negotiating for better resources. You’ll discover the techniques for developing a project’s critical path and how to use it to get the best team possible as well as how to allocate that team across your project.


Defining Project Work – Simplified!

Ally Publishing Group, Sugar Grove, IL, 2015

The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is the heart of the project plan. It’s used to define what resources you’ll need. It’s the basis of both your cost and schedule estimates. It establishes your project’s risks. It aids in communication, procurements, quality — all aspects of the project.

This book presents how to develop a solid and robust WBS simply and easily. You’ll learn tools and techniques for engaging your project team, developing project phases, ensuring you include all the activities you’ll need and communicating your project to senior management.

Project Risk Management - Simplified!

Ally Publishing Group, Sugar Grove, IL, 2013

Perhaps the most misunderstood of the project management disciplines, project risk management is simple to master and is one of the most powerful tools for both novice and advanced project managers.

Whatever concerns your project may offer: political, technical, resource or inexperienced team, project risk management can reduce or eliminate them.

A Manager’s Guide to Project Management

Pearson (as Financial Times Press), Upper Saddle River, 2010

As an executive, you know there’s only one reason to start a project: to add value to your organization. Now there’s a project management book that shares your perspective: a book that helps you optimize the value of projects and project management throughout your organization.

Top project management consultant Michael Bender reveals how to make sure all your projects fully support your goals and run effectively from start to finish. Bender shows how to use balanced portfolio techniques to drive maximum value from every project, systematically reduce risk in tough-to-manage globalized environments, and improve organizational performance through strategic outsourcing. As an executive, you realize the rewards or suffer the penalty of project results. Here are the tools you need to get the results you’re after — and get them consistently.

Setting Goals and Expectations

Virtualbookworm, College Station, TX, 2004

Successful projects need not be elusive. Simple, practical, and tangible techniques yield excellent and repeatable results. The "How To Project Manage" series strips away the air of complexity of project management and examines the simple concepts that make it work. This first book in the series examines the most important aspect of managing projects: setting goals and expectations.

This book not only presents the tricks and tools that make projects successful, it shows you how to execute them. Examine techniques for gathering and understanding clients' and stakeholders' objectives. Learn how to present your project to senior managers, how to cost-justify your projects, and handle disagreements among stakeholders. Then see how to gather support for your projects and align all stakeholders behind you. You and your organization will know what to expect before committing major resources and time. Real-world examples, extensive graphics, the situation index, and the Wise Project ManagerTM index make this book invaluable. Read cover-to-cover or simply as a reference, this book is an essential tool for any project manager.


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