Speaking Examples

I've included short clips of three different speeches I've done over the years. I hope you enjoy them. 

2009 - The Value Strategy

This first clip is from 2009 in the heart of the Great Recession. This is one of my favorite clips as it inspired my monicor as The Value Strategist. I presented a speech promoting the value of project management in front of a group of project managers and senior executives at a conference in San Fransisco .

2013 - The Definition of "Done"

This second clip is from 2013. While the speech overed other topics, I call this segment, "The Definition of 'Done'".

2017 - True Ownership - The Great Motivator

My most recent clip is from 2017 in front of a group of senior executives, project managers, and consultants. It shows several segments of the speech on Ownership and how it can used as a motivator to build project success.